A Review Of Teachers Self Assessment At Private Higher Education Institutions

Dr. Wang Yining

Abstract: In this article, the Association of Teacher Professional Development, Characteristics of Professional Development for Teachers, and Self-Assessment of Teachers in Colleges and Universities will be discussed. Furthermore, this article focuses on the teacher’s professional development and self-evaluation of universities its related issues in the Self-Assessment of Teachers at Private Higher Education Institutions. Several crucial aspects in strengthening teachers’ higher education advances have been considered. Selected papers from the literature have been examined to provide readers with further highlights on influencing elements that positively contribute to Self-Assessment of Teachers at Private Higher Education Institutions development. Several measures implemented by numerous regional and worldwide stakeholders’ “organizations” to improve teachers’ Self-Assessment at Private Higher Education Institutions have been reported in cited articles. This study has collected and reviewed specific works based on significant criteria. The most often retrieved papers have been those with keywords focusing on ” Self-Assessment of Teachers, and higher education” in “universities.” Other factors were used in the selection procedure of referenced papers, which were explained in this study.

FULL TEXT PDF 1-7 ] DOI: 10.30566/ijo-bs/2022.special.03.1

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