Apply for Editorship

Qualifications and Responsibilities

Applicants must have an established record of scholarship in the intellectual capital field, with managerial skills necessary to oversee the editorial cycle, and the ability attract and retain respected experts to the editorial advisory board, and a wide network to promote quality authors and reviewers.

Duties of the Editor-in-Chief include

Journal Management

  • Deliver issues on time, according to the schedule, article count and word count provided by each year by IJO-BS.
  • Manage the online review process of approximately 160 manuscripts per year using the ScholarOne Manuscripts system. (NB you will be provided will full training and support in the use of Scholar One).
  • Solicit high-quality manuscripts from potential authors, deciding which manuscripts to publish, and assisting authors in developing their manuscripts for publication;
  • Select a sufficient pool of expert reviewers to reach conclusions and make recommendations on manuscripts in a timely fashion.
  • Identify and appoint qualified members to an editorial advisory board.

Ensuring Quality

  • Strive to increase the number of quality submissions and citations of the journal by discussing and agreeing a strategy with the journal’s editorial team and your Publisher.
  • Ensure to maintain a steady pipeline of special issues for publication in the journal, working with your Publisher to identify topical areas to focus on as the theme of these issues.
  • Regularly review the journal’s stated editorial objectives with a view to incorporating topical and new areas, and differentiating the journal from others publishing in the field.


  • Engage and maintain regular communications with the core editorial team and the Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) members on a regular basis.
  • Be communicative and responsive with the publishing team at International Journal of Business Society (ijo-bs).


  • Promote the journal by networking at conferences or visits and using social media sites.
  • Hold Editorial Advisory Board meetings (ideally at a conference where there are EAB members in attendance) where possible, with assistance and help in the planning and arrangement from the Publisher at International Journal of Business Society (ijo-bs).
  • Liaise with the Publisher (and/or Editorial Assistant) at IJO-BS on any notable or PR-worthy content which is publishing in the journal that you feel could be marketed or promoted.

How to Apply

Applicants need to submit the following via email to the Editorial Advisory Board,

  1. Cover letter of application.
  2. Curriculum Vitae.
  3. A statement of your leadership and management philosophy and experience.
  4. A description of your vision for the future of IJO-BS & its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in positioning in the market.