Applying the E-Government Services in Saudi Arabia: A Theoretical Viewpoint

Dr. Jaithen Alharbi

Abstract: Electronic government (E-government) diffusion and implementation is a global topic that concerns many developed and developing countries worldwide. However, international efforts to provide e-services to different stakeholders (citizens) differ from one country to another regarding readiness, challenges, implementations, and diffusions. These differences are due to technological, political, cultural, economic, and social differences. Several studies on e-government have focused on the technological, economic, and political aspects of implementation. In contrast, others have examined factors that influence citizens’ performance of e-government services, such as availability, accessibility, usability, awareness, and trust.
This study will focus on the influence of Mediators roles played by third parties in helping diffusion and implementation of e-government. The outcome of this study will create a conceptual model for studying e-government implementation in Saudi Arabia. The theoretical implications of the study are discussed, offering recommendations for future research directions.

FULL TEXT PDF 1-9 ] DOI: 10.30566/ijo-bs/2020.37

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