Education for Peace in Libyan Universities – A Conceptual Study of the Faculty of Arts and Science, English Language Department–Alkufrah, Benghazi University

Mahmoud Ahmida Moftah Ahmida Aboualya; Ahmad Mohamad Ahmad Bader


This paper sheds the light on peace education within EFL curricula at some Libyan universities, within activities that encourage peace, dialogue and tolerance in the English-language classroom at university level. It also includes ways of implementing peace education in English Language classroom. Which have to take a place among English language educational and teaching curricula within language policy and syllabuses design under clear objectives that serve and respect our cordial and hormonal relations. The descriptive, analytical, and critical approaches have used to work together to draw truths and facts in details for peace education in Libya. The results indicated that all educational stages have the opportunities to enact and interact actively and positive towards their societies by using an educational system for peace. Education peace and pedagogy policy have to play vital roles in Libyan education system especially at Alkufrah city / Faculty of Art and Science at University of Benghazi. The role of English educational curricula is not just inclusively implemented for bare language and linguistics usages rather affecting the society positively through peace, tolerance, values and newly adapted concepts for learning outcomes.

FULL TEXT PDF 1-8] DOI: 10.30566/ijo-bs/2018.2102

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