Effectiveness of CCTV Surveillance System on Crime Prevention: A Proposed Framework

Abdulla Salem AL Ashkhari; Dr. Norain Ismail


There are primary challenges regarding the use of CCTV cameras, namely, limited knowledge of CCTV functioning, inadequate knowledge about IT security, and im-proper understanding of several stakeholders towards the maintenance of public safety. These factors have been responsible for intensive debates about the effectiveness of CCTV surveillance strategies amidst the growing discomfort in the communities. With the advent of technology and the possible outcomes that can be gained from such CCTV system implementation in many countries have triggered much attention to be further investigated. Furthermore, this research also examines the impact of, location, institutional framework, social value, policy, centralized monitoring system, technical capacity, authority control, and privacy. This research uses an integrated model in order to examine the impact of those factors of CCTV system effectiveness, and subsequently the impact on the crime prevention. Empirical results derived from the survey bring to notice that the selected variables were significantly correlated and impact towards more effective use of the CCTV system. The research proposes a Smart City Surveillance system effectiveness framework to monitor not only the biggest and the relatively important city, rather the entire country.

FULL TEXT PDF 1-10] DOI: 10.30566/ijo-bs/2024.04.126

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