Alzaroog Saleh Abdulali Emhmed


Project management is carried out formally and informally in different areas of human endeavor. Examples of this are a trip, the construction of a house, a research project, the construction and assembly of a substation, the construction and assembly of a hydroelectric power station, etc. In electric power service companies, there are numerous projects; however, their management faces numerous problems derived from various factors that affect their success or failure. This incident can have serious consequences related to its cost, completion time and performance. One of the leading causes is not recognizing that most companies’ organizational structure is not prepared to achieve efficient project management. Carrying out project management more consciously and formally through the implementation of widely accepted practices will allow companies to achieve better results. This work aims to present the conceptual framework of project management, describe the problems and opportunities for improvement faced by project management in electric power service companies, and identify some actions that can be carried out to improve performance in this vital activity.

FULL TEXT PDF 1-7] DOI: 10.30566/ijo-bs/2017

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