Financial Performance and Dividend Pay-Out of Energy Companies in Chittagong Stock Exchange of Bangladesh

Akhter Jahan

Abstract: The objective of this study was therefore to ratify whether dividend payout is significant in making investment decisions. The study further sought to establish the implication dividend payment has on financial performance of listed companies in the energy and petroleum sector in Chittagong Stock Exchange. Dividend Payout has been a pertinent issue for both organizations and investors. Most investors prefer to invest or retain their investments in companies which declare dividends regardless of their cashflows. Companies therefore strive to declare dividends to send positive shockwaves to investors to promote investor confidence. Secondary data from all the five listed companies in the energy and petroleum sector was used for the period 2009-2018. A descriptive design was deemed appropriate for the study. Dividend payout ratio was used as the independent variable of the study where Return on Assets was the dependent variables of this study. Multiple regression analysis was used to determine relationships between the predictor and the dependent variable.

FULL TEXT PDF 1-5 ] DOI: 10.30566/ijo-bs/2019-11-5

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