2020 ISSUE

Impact of Human Resource Practices on Employee Performance: Evidence from Libyan Commercial Banks
Omar Al-Mukhtar Mesbah Abu Zaid, Suha Fouad Salem

2019 ISSUE

A Participative Management of Thai Agriculture Group
Taien Layraman, Nawakarn Sirarujanon, Raktai Damrongmanee, Plubpeung Paungtanasarn

Macroeconomic Underlying Factors of Unemployment in Pakistan
Muhammad Ahmad Mazher; Prof. Dr. Jauhari Dahalan

Explaining Issues Relating to Islamic Micro-finance Sustainability: African Perspective
Vatimetou Mokhtar Maouloud, Salina Kassim, Ejaz Aslam, Haneffa Muchlis Gazali, Anwar Hasan

The Mediating Effect of Employee Job Satisfaction on Banking Performance between Public and Private Bank in Developing Countries: Evidence from Bangladesh
Md Abu Rashel; Md Tohidul Islam; Na Sang Gyun

Model Establishing the Potential Clients Using Artificial Neural Networks 
Mustafa Abdulhadi Hamaida, Omar Ismael Al-Sanjary, Omar Ahmed Ibrahim

Factors Influence the Readiness of the Libyan Higher Educational Students toward using MOOC
Ebrahem Ali Elburase; Omar Ismael Al-Sanjary; Zurida Ishak

Determinant of Capital Structure on Profitability and Share Prices of Banks Listed in Bursa Efek Indonesia (IDX)
Imas Maesaroh

Financial Performance and Dividend Pay-Out of Energy Companies in Chittagong Stock Exchange of Bangladesh
Akhter Jahan

The Evaluation of Saudi Insurance Industry and Potential for Takaful Insurance
Khalaf Mohammed Albalawi

Significant Issues of Financial Literacy and Application in Stock Market: A Descriptive Study on Bangladesh Capital Market
Chandra Das

IT-Based Innovation and New Product Development Performance in Yemen: The Moderating Role of Intellectual Property
Abdulwahab Jandab; Noor Azman Ali, Akram Abdulsamad, Abdulrahman M. Al-Sharif 

Noureddon H. Ibrahim Beleid; Adam Amril Jaharadak

Interrelationship among Human, Technical, and Conceptual Skills of Employees in Malaysian Telecommunication Industry
Osama Mosli Kurdi

The difference between Abu Dhabi and Dubai Listed Companies in Term of Corporate Governance Practices and their Influence on Firms’Performance
Ziyad Mohamed Swedan; S. M. Ferdous Azam

Impact of Intellectual Capital on Performance of the Information Technology Sector in Malaysia
Mustafa Mihyar Ghalib

The Impact of Technology and Online Skills & Relationship on the Readiness of the Libyan Students for using MOOC
Ebrahem Ali Elburase; Adam Amril Jaharadak

Entrepreneurial Approach to Career Enhancement Model for the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs’) of Bangladesh
Tarnima Warda Andalib, Hasliza Abdul Halim

The Impact of Quality Performance on the Construction Projects Performance: A Case of Libyan Construction Industry
Ahmad Mohamed Ali Algwyad; Zunirah Mohd Talib

Information Technology Governance Linkage to the Financial Report Quality in Libyan Commercial Banks
Mohamed Ali Hussain IL Shatshat; Sohail Ahmed

The Impact of Technology and Online Skills & Relationship on the Readiness of the Libyan Students for using MOOC
Ebrahem Ali Elburase; Adam Amril Jaharadak

Which Are the Most Influential? Direct or Indirect Communication: A Study on Jordanian Buyers of Electrical Products
Iyad A. Al-Nsour; Hassan M. Al-Somili

A Multi-Group Analysis of the Effect of Organizational Commitment on Higher Education Services Quality
Abd Al-Aziz Hamed Al-Refaei; Abdul Rahim Bin Zumrah; Mohamed Abdulwali Ali Alsamawi; Said Rashid Ali Alshuhumi

A Pilot Study on Adoption of Mobile Communication Systems in Libyan Secondary Schools
Noureddon H. Ibrahim Beleid; Adam Amril Jaharadak

The Mediation Effect of Audit Quality on the Relationship between Auditor-Client Contracting Features and the reliability of Financial Reports in Yemen
Afif A. Almasani; S.M. Ferdous Azam; Sohail Ahmed; Siti Khalidah Binti MD Yusoff



2018 ISSUE

A Cross Sectional Analysis of Socio-economic Determinants on Infant Mortality in South Asian Region 
SM Sarkar, BK Dhar, HM Rouhoma

Attitude of Limkokwing Students toward Mobile Marketing in the Smartphones Era 
AA Alsikkah, HAS Alabbasi, MAY Saeed, ASM Alnaser

Awareness of Operational Risk Management Procedures in Islamic Banks 
Khaldoun M. Al-Qaisi

Analysis of Taxes Payment, Audit Quality and Firm Size to the Transfer Pricing Policy in Manufacturing Firm in Indonesia Stock Exchange
Lucky Nugroho; Brianditya Ridlo Wicaksono, Wiwik Utami

Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure in Jordan: An Analysis of Annual Reports of Listed Companies Evidence From 2010-2015
Nimer Al-Slihat; Amer Moh’d Al- Hazimeh, Bilal Nayef Zureigat

Conceptual Research on Mobile Government Service Quality and its Impact on Jordanian Citizen Satisfaction 
ASM Alnaser, Imad Almuala, MS Alshibly

CAMEL Variables and Malaysian Banks Performance
Idris Mukhtar; Fauzias Mat Nor, Ainna Bint Ramli, Azrul Azlan Bin Iskandar Mirza

Dimensions of Service Quality Impacting Customer Satisfaction of Conventional Transaction Banking Industry in Oman 
Tariq Mohammed Zayid Khawar, Asbi B. Ali

Education for Peace in Libyan Universities – A Conceptual Study of the Faculty of Arts and Science, English Language Department–Alkufrah, Benghazi University
Mahmoud Ahmida Moftah Ahmida Aboualya; Ahmad Mohamad Ahmad Bader

Factors Affecting Operation Risk Management in Islamic Banks
Khaldoun M. Al-Qaisi

Factors Influencing the Service Quality on Student Satisfaction at Management Sciences University
Hamd Abdulrahim Abdulkerim Bomrez, Normy Rafida Binti Abdul Rahman

Identifying Customer Satisfaction of Islamic Transaction Banking Industry in Oman 
TMZ Khawar, AB Ali

The Role of Regulatory Health in Enhancing Impact of Managerial Empowerment on the Employees’ Performance in Libyan Education Institutions
AAK Gaber, MY Khalid

The Impact of Total Quality Management on Job Satisfaction Field Study on Staff at the Faculty of Science at Benghazi University (Libya) 
Al-Zaql and Rahooma

The Role of Managerial Accounting Modern Tools to Improve Profitability in Jordanian Industrial Companies – A Field Study
Atef Aqeel Al–Bawab

The Impact of the Application of Total Quality Management on Job Satisfaction Field Study on Staff at the Faculty of Science, Benghazi University (Libya)
Faizah Mohammed Othman Al Zaql; Khairi Ahmed Rahooma

Jurisdictional Conflicts Between Shariah Courts and Common Law Courts in the Application of Islamic Banking and Finance in Nigeria
Lateef Wale Adeyemo; Abdullateef Abubakar Siddiq; Muhammad Aunurra’him Masa’ad; Ahmad Zaki Saleh

The Syrian Economy over the Period (2011 – 2017), Challenges and Solutions
Ghazei Kajo

Prospects of Halal Products in Developing Countries: Comparison between Nigeria and Malaysia
Idris Oyewale Oyelakin; Asnidar Hanim Yusuf

Professed Factors Influencing Environmentally Sustainable Household Consumer Behavior: Bangladesh Perspective
Md. Shajjad Hossain

Online Purchase Intention: The Role of Culture
Mazen Mohammed Atallah; Mohammed Abdulellah Yousuf Saeed; Dhia Ali Noman

The Impact of Leadership on the Job Performance in the Libyan Industrial Sector
Ibrahim Saeed Ali Zidan and Suriana Ramli

Enhancing the Performance of Jordanian Private Hospitals through Marketing Communication Strategy 
Iyad A. A. Al Nsour

Is there a Relationship between the Psychological Contract Violation and Employees’ Ability to Social Adjustment in Organizations?
Hager Mohamed Abou El Fadl Mostafa

The Correlates of the Awareness of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Dimensions and Organizational Performance of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (Smes) in Sana’a-Yemen
Hani Abdulhafedh Thabit Yahya and Akeem Soladoye Bakare

Influencing Factors of Service Quality on Students’satisfaction at Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia(USIM), Malaysia
Bablu Kumar Dhar,Mohammad Raton Sikder

Investigating the Impact of Accounting Information System Reliability on Financial Report Quality of the Libyan Commercial Banks
Mohammed Ali Hussain IL Shatshat; Sohail Ahmed

The Impact of Corporate Governance Implementation on Firm’s Performance in the Gulf Countries (GCC) Based on Stewardship Assumptions
Ziyad Mohamed Swedan; Sohail Ahmed

The Difference between Abu Dhabi and Dubai Listed Companies in Term of Corporate Governance Practices and their Influence on Firms’ Performance
Ziyad Mohamed Swedan; S. M. Ferdous Azam

The Relationship between Personal Adjustment and Psychological Contract for Customer Service Centers in Telecommunications Sector
Hager Mohamed Abou El Fadl Mostafa



2017 ISSUE

Linear Alkyl Benzenes (LABS) in Surface Sediments of Malaysian Rivers
Sadeq Abdullah Abdo Alkhadher, Mohamad Pauzi Zakaria, Mehrzad Keshavarzifard

Foundations of Linear Alkyl Benzenes and Baseline Distribution in Shallow Sediments in The Bay of Brunei
Sadeq Abdullah Abdo Alkhadher, Mohamad Pauzi Zakaria, Vahab Vaezzadeh

Practice of Human Resource Accounting (HRA) in Bangladesh
Jahan, A., Dhar, B.K., & Sikder, R.

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