The Effect of Big Data Analytics on Predictive Policing Through Crisis Management: A Proposed Framework

Ibrahim Abdulla Mohammad Aldallal Alkhazraji; Dr. Mohd Yamani bin Yahya


Crisis’s have long been a scourge for humanity. With the advances in technology (in terms of computing, communications, and the ability to process, and analyze big data), our ability to respond to crisis is at an inflection point. There is great optimism that big data tools can be leveraged to process large amounts of crisis-related data  to provide an insight into the fast-changing situation and help drive an effective disaster response and predictive policing. Predictive analytics and artificial intelligence are applied widely across law enforcement agencies and the criminal justice system. Understanding how the “big data analytics” discourse is operationalized as a series of technical fixes that rely on the production of indeterminacies allows for a more nuanced critique of predictive policing. This paper introduces the effect of big data analytics on predictive policing through  crisis management.

FULL TEXT PDF 1-12] DOI: 10.30566/ijo-bs/2024.05.128

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