The Effect of Waste Management on Green Production Practices: The Mediating Role of Green Self-Efficacy

Dr. Bushra Abdul Hamza Abbas

Abstract: This study investigated and demonstrated that the management of green production practices can have a positive impact on industrial organizations’ productivity by acting as a mediator for green self-efficiency, which is a necessary trend in protecting the environment from pollution and waste generated by the manufacturing process, considering the technological acceleration and challenges faced by those organizations from environmental pollution. The study used a questionnaire comprised of 13 items with a sample size of 60 drawn from various departments of the factory to best serve the study’s goals. The study used SPSS.vr.26 statistics software, and AMOS.vr.26 to test a set of hypotheses, and a set of statistical procedures respectively. It was determined that radical changes needed to be implemented to best serve the goals of producing environmentally friendly products. Finally, the research provided a set of conclusions and suggestions.

FULL TEXT PDF 1-14 ] DOI: 10.30566/ijo-bs/2022.06.88

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