The Impact of Balance Score Card on the Institutional Excellence in Charitable Societies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Abdulaziz Hamad K Al Sulaim; Ahmed Abdul Malik, Dr. Mohammad Nashief s. Disomimba


The primary objective was to shed light on how the dimensions of the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) influence Beneficiary Experience Management (BEM) within charitable organizations in the region. Employing a quantitative methodology, the study analyzed responses from 382 representatives, each occupying one of five pivotal executive roles, spread across 150 charitable associations. The data, meticulously collected via structured questionnaires, underwent a comprehensive direct effect analysis. The results revealed a notable correlation between each BSC dimension and BEM. Remarkably, operational efficiency emerged as the predominant influencer, emphasizing the need for these organizations to adopt a nuanced, multi-dimensional strategy for enhancing beneficiary experiences. By unearthing these insights, this study offers charitable societies a roadmap to harness the potential of the BSC, with the broader goal of achieving institutional excellence and improved beneficiary satisfaction.

FULL TEXT PDF 1-12] DOI: 10.30566/ijo-bs/2023.09.114

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