The Ukrainian-Russian War and its Impact on The Energy Sector in the European Union

Dr. Sundus Jasim Shaaibith; Slim Mahfoudh


The research aims to define energy security and highlight the sensitivity of European energy security by examining the European-Russian relations before the 2022 Russian-Ukrainian war. It identifies challenges for EU countries and Russia, as well as alternatives to European energy supplies. The European Union plays a crucial role in supporting alternative energy resources for energy generation. The recent energy crisis in the Russian-Ukrainian war has exposed global energy system weaknesses, leading to record oil and gas prices. Russia is unlikely to cut off energy supplies to European countries due to high dependence between the parties, as this could lead to a third World War. Future scenarios related to energy relations between Europe and Russia are discussed, with Ukraine being the only victim. The research highlights the difficulty of realizing the fourth scenario, which involves Russia’s loss and Putin’s fall, which could result in the loss of Russia and the fall of Putin.

FULL TEXT PDF 1-8] DOI: 10.30566/ijo-bs/2024.03.121

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