A Pilot Study on Adoption of Mobile Communication Systems in Libyan Secondary Schools

Noureddon H. Ibrahim Beleid; Adam Amril Jaharadak

Abstract: To facilitate better communication between Libyan parents/guardians and and schools and enhance better learning experience for the students mobile communication systems were proposed to be implemented using Libyan cultural context as a guide. This study adopted Abu Nadi’s (2012) model to investigate the adoption of mobile communication systems while taking Libyan culture into consideration. Based on the research framework, model and research questions, hypothesis were developed, and sixty questionnaires were distributed and forty five of the questionnaires were successfully completed to do a pilot test of the questionnaire. Findings from the data analysis indicated that the constructs relevant to the context of the research are relative advantage, compatibility, complexity, result demonstrability, trust in the Internet, trust in government agencies, perspective on communication, and Schwartz’s BPV.

FULL TEXT PDF 1-9 ] DOI: 10.30566/ijo-bs/2019.108

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