Critical Success Factors of Professionalism Within Libyan Football Clubs

Abdulgawad H. A. Busadra

Abstract: The attempt to reveal the shift from hobby to professional within sports clubs affected these clubs’ management. This study aims to identify the difficulties impeding the application of the professionalism of a legal impact on the administrative functioning and investigate the configuration centers and sports facilities currently available to allow the application of professional sports clubs. This study employs the cross-sectional methodology. The data of this study collected from 102 administrative staff from Libyan football clubs. This study showed a moderate percentage that agreed about the lack of specialized sport qualification of the most sport staff, and most of the staff work as volunteers within the football clubs. Several obstacles were found and explained. It recommends introducing sports professionalism through intensifying efforts and holding seminars, workshops, and conferences for administrators and officials of clubs and sports federations and focusing on developing the technical aspect of football as the most important pillars of professionalism.

FULL TEXT PDF 1-9 ] DOI: 10.30566/ijo-bs/2021.01.43

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