Describing The Impact Of Occupational Stress On Employees Performances During Covid-19 Pandemic

Dr. Normy Rafida Abdul Rahman; Dr. Zairina Ibrahim, Ridzuan Masri


Purpose: To understand occupational stress on employee performance focusing on office hours using digital technology such as WHATSAPP and Zoom application during Covid-19 Pandemic.

Design/methodology/approach: Quantitative research is a scientific method of using a questionnaire to gather numerical data. This type of research refers to counts or measures. This research answers how and when a specific phenomenon occurs. The Extensive literature review to be first conducted, followed by the nature of the questionnaire distributed with respective respondents have with regards to the topic will be held. The target population of this study comprised lecturers, senior lecturer, associate Professor and professors in a private university in Malaysia. The data will analyse using SPSS version 26 software.

Findings: The topic is of very important but unfortunately has not been given its due attention.
The proposed study shall be among the first attempts to explore how occupational stress focusing on office hours using digital technology such as WHATSAPP and Zoom application can give a significant impact on employee performance. It would create awareness for policymakers to consider the necessary measures to help support children from single-mother homes towards their academic achievements.

Practical implications: the findings of the proposed study will have theoretical and practical implications for the respective institution. The outcome of this study will be an additional reference material to other academia to design strategies to deal with increasing falling standards of education of lecturers during and after pandemic Covid19 pandemic. It would also make it necessary for all lecturers to be responsible and committed to their socialisation and learning process towards their knowledge, skills and career development. Finally, the undertaking of this research will equip the researchers with the necessary skills to undertake further inquiries in the future.

FULL TEXT PDF 1-6 ] DOI: 10.30566/ijo-bs/2020.19

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