Effects of Knowledge Investment on Marketing Performance of Airline Operators in Nigeria

Obabuike Ikeni Nkpurukwe; Emmanuel A. Amangala, Dr. Andy Fred Wali


Purpose: This research aimed to empirically investigate the relationship between knowledge investment and marketing performance of airlines in Nigeria.

Design/Method/Approach: The study applied a cross-sectional survey design in a structured questionnaire to collect data from accessible 50 personnel of designated positions of 5 domestic airlines in the Port Harcourt International Airport. Rank Correlation Coefficient of Spearman was employed with the help of SPSS version 21.0, to test the study hypotheses statistically.

Findings: Results specifically revealed that Innovative Competence and computerize information has a positive and significant influence on profitability, respectively. In conclusion, the study, therefore, offers a clear understanding of the strategic importance of innovative Competence and computerized information for improving the profitability of domestic airlines.

Research Limitations: These study samples were limited to domestic airlines, attempt to extend this study to international airline operators might unravel new findings to advance knowledge in this field.

Practical Implication: Hence, the research recommends for domestic airline operators to focus on knowledge investments, specifically innovative Competence and computerized information to achieve marketing performance. 

FULL TEXT PDF 1-6 ] DOI: 10.30566/ijo-bs/2020.20

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