Direct Marketing Strategy and Effective Customer Service Delivery

Obabuike Ikeni Nkpurukwe; Usman Musa, Dr. Andy Fred Wali, Linus Mbakwe Nwuju

Abstract: This study investigates the link between direct marketing and effective customer service delivery of commercial banks in Nigeria. The population of the study is comprised of employees of these banks, and 250 samples were from the population study. Simple random sampling was used in administering ten copies questionnaire to employees of five different branches of each of the selected banks. The data was analysed using Spearman’s Rank Order Correlations Coefficient with the aid of SPSS version 21. The study results revealed specific strong and positive correlations between the two dimensions of direct marketing and that of customer service delivery. The study suggests that Nigeria commercial banks should continue to adopt and implement direct marketing strategies in delivering customer services as explored in this study.

[ FULL TEXT PDF 1-6 ] DOI: 10.30566/ijo-bs/2020.30

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