Impact of Age on Productivity With Special Reference to Banking Sector of India

Dr. Ankita Saxena


Purpose: As the banking sector of India has become a lucrative job provider, the young generation is also started considering banking as their career option, which gave rise to age diversity in the sector. The present study tackled one of the critical issues of employee assortment, the impact of age variety on staff enactment and in what way age assortment can be coped.

Design/methodology/approach: Certain factors which determine the bank productivity regarding age diversity are employee perception towards age diversity, employee motivation, credit deployment, deposit mobilisation, job satisfaction, supervisor’s support, the achievement of targets. Correlation and was established between the age of employees and their efficiency.

Findings: The outcome is .690, which reveals a positive correlation between the two variables. Another relationship is developed between employees’ age diversity and efficiency of the organisation, which is .842. That signifies that the productivity of employees is increasing slightly with the increase in age, which is a bit different result from general studies.

Practical implications: The study finally recommends that aged group through the assist of their insight create new sensible conclusions to circumstances and picture than youth group. By implementing technology, internet, digital methods & strategic age diversity management system, the banks can enhance productivity.

Originality/value: A multi-stage stratified random sampling technique is used. The employees working in selected branches of the bank are near about 13-16 in number, further picked half of the employees from each branch’s department randomly. Therefore, making the workforce of about 250 in number which reflects the population of the study.

FULL TEXT PDF 1-11 ] DOI: 10.30566/ijo-bs/2020.32

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