Evaluation of Athletic Concussion Training for Youth Coaches Using E-Learning Program

Lyu Chengming; Cut Fitri Rostina*, Christin Agustina Purba

Abstract: This paper aims to perform an evaluation procedure on the training of the athletic concussion assigned only for youth coaches by utilizing an e-learning program using an interactive learning method (ILM). For this, an interactive e-learning program is designed to carry out a training activity for the community coaches from the aged youth group. Their ages range between ten and eighteen who are effective. The purpose is to prevent and manage sports concussions practically. Approximately eighty-five young coaches/ trainers have been used to select the online study. In this paper evaluation, the obtained outcomes of an arbitrarily controlled pilot test have confirmed noteworthy variances between the action of the treatment and the members involved in the tests where they have been classified into three categories, which are mentioned as follows: The first one is the knowledge related to the concussion of different sports. This group also has considered both the management and prevention of related to the concussion of different sports. The second one concerns the insolences related to the issue that prevention is of significance and the concussion for the athletes. The third one is the goal and personality- effectiveness for the management and prevention of the concussion such an athlete. Results related to the ILM have indicated that the training program is an effective way to train young sports coaches who have been involved in important positions to cut a number of hazards that are usually accompanying the concussion of the athletes.

FULL TEXT PDF 1-4 ] DOI: 10.30566/ijo-bs/2021.special.02

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