Impact of Intellectual Capital on Performance of the Information Technology Sector in Malaysia

Mustafa Mihyar Ghalib

Abstract: This study aims to investigate the impact of intellectual capital on the financial performance of the information technology sector in Malaysia. Three dimensions of intellectual capital have examined human capital, structural capital, and capital employed. A total of 28 companies have involved in this study over the period 2011-2016. The finding of this study revealed a significant impact from human capital, structural capital, and capital employed on the performance of the information technology sector. The limitation of the business dimension for the exploitation and exploitation of knowledge management and consequent modification, it is evident that this does not prevent medium-sized companies from practising it, at least empirically, in view of the growth-related needs that arise, for example, the use of knowledge in their daily activities. The result of this study provides evidence of the impact of leadership, organizational responsibility, and green technology and techniques on implementing the green building concept by the Libyan construction companies.

FULL TEXT PDF 1-8 ] DOI: 10.30566/ijo-bs/2019.101

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