Influence of TOE’S Factors and Technical Capability on Advanced it Adoption and Competitive Advantage in Telecommunication Industry

Ahmed AL-Waseai; Dr. Narimah Kasim

Abstract: Advanced technology to achieve competitive advantage has become an essential strategic issue amongst telecommunications firms in the current global environment. The TOE contexts have been suggested in the literature as appropriate drivers of advanced technology adoption toward a firm’s competitiveness. However, most of the current studies are concerned about the first-time of IT adoption but addressing the post-adoption of technological innovation toward competitiveness is missing in the literature. Furthermore, the literature argued that strong technical capability could influence firms’ competitive advantage by enhancing internal and external communication efficiency and facilitating technical solutions for integrating advanced technologies. However, little is known in the current literature about the moderating role of technological capability in the relationship between IT adoption and competitive advantage. To fill this gap, this study discusses the role of TOE contexts on advanced IT technology adoption and thus on competitive advantage. Moreover, technical capability has been considered as a moderator to enhance technology adoption and competitive advantage. This conceptual paper reviews the relevant literature to puts forth a research model using TOE’s dimensions and technical capability toward competitive advantage. This article found that IT adoption is affected by contextual factors that shape a firm’s technology adoption decision-making, grouped into technological, organizational, and environmental contexts.

FULL TEXT PDF 1-8 ] DOI: 10.30566/ijo-bs/2021.09.58

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