Information’s Role in Supporting Firms’ Managerial and Operational Processes

Dong Qingming; Hendry

Abstract: The importance of information to managing business processes has grown throughout time. Information management is now a “prerequisite” for process management in today’s competitive industry. This research explores the influence of information management on operational performance and its function as a driving force behind process management. In particular, researchers differentiate between internal and exterior components of the variables employed in this research that represent intra-firm and inter-firm borders in the context of the contextual factors. It is found that both internally and externally information management had good associations with internal and external process management, based on data collected from 202 manufacturing enterprises in Australia. Both domestic and foreign maximum utilisation are benefited by process management, while external process management has a beneficial effect on environmental operational performance. As a result, both internally and externally operational success has a favorable influence on company performance. The results are discussed in terms of their consequences and contributions.

FULL TEXT PDF 1-5] DOI: 10.30566/ijo-bs/2022.08.95

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