The Impact of Risk Determinant and Efficient Engineers on the Performance of Construction Projects in Libya

Ousama.J.Saleh; Dr. S. M. Ferdous Azam

Abstract: This study aims to determine the impact of risk determinants and efficient engineers on the performance of construction projects in Libya. The current study has used the quantitative research approach. In the quantitative approach, the researchers used the questionnaire to collect the primary data from the research respondents. The population of the study was all the staff who work in the unlisted construction projects in Libya. The participants’ sample in the study was 245 samples. The SPSS was used to test the relationships between the independent variables and the dependent variable.
This study found positive and significant relationships between (risk-determine and efficient-Engineers) and the performance of construction projects in Libya. It is necessary to constantly train and develop employees in the management of Libyan projects at different career levels to give them skills that improve their performance. Raising their abilities, and acquiring their information about project management, risks, and the reasons for delays, especially concerning priorities (the basics of project management, planning, organisation risk study, project financing, contract management accounting and cost control, feasibility study, time management) to raise the level of project performance.

FULL TEXT PDF 1-7 ] DOI: 10.30566/ijo-bs/2021.10.62

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