The Role of Regulatory Health in Enhancing Impact of Managerial Empowerment on the Employees’ Performance in Libyan Education Institutions

Asweisi Abdelsalam K Gaber; Dr. Muhammad Yusuf Khalid


This study aims to build conceptual model may help to identify the role of regulatory health in enhancing the impact of managerial empowerment on the employees’ performance in education institutions in Libya. It is considerate that the situation and outputs of higher education as a fundamental factor in formulation policies, in all countries of the world. The outstanding creativity in this era based on distinguished education, therefore importance of higher education is manifested. Therefore, the previous study of higher education in Libya, note that there is great difference between the actual practice and the hoped role. Moreover, the higher education in Libya does not reaches the level of ambition. An Institution that not practice managerial empowerment may affect the overall performance, and may avoid an opportunity from young employees to be leaders of institutions, and may undermine the vision of reform the public sector , whereas the appointment and empowerment of young people in the administrations is the supporting of improvement .Otherwise it may have caused the leak of competencies , the low level of productivity of the institutions and the poor services, not to mention the power and expansion of the Authority of officials, who have other functions in the government, and the cause of negative effects.

FULL TEXT PDF 1-9] DOI: 10.30566/ijo-bs/2018.2.2.6

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