Study the Management Model as the New Business Administration

Sun Jintao; Christin Agustina Purba*, Hendry

Abstract: This study examined a modern service management model based on the young euro philosophy. Modern service management Keep your spirit. Moreover, service management should be management that adheres to the essential quality of service. Furthermore, modern service management is an activity that manages the central organization of human society, so it must be managed globally. Modern service management meets these three management philosophy requirements. The existing service management framework did not meet modern management standards and developed a new modern service management model. The existing service management framework recognized the service as an add-on to the product rather than an intangible. The management framework also lacked the modern spirit required for modern management. And it did not reflect the modern economic society’s characteristics and needs, where the share of service industries and service organizations has risen dramatically. The modern service management model should reflect the essence of intangible rehabilitation called to service, the modern spirit, and the common principles of the world required by the central organization of modern economic society. In other words, Hyundai service management must be in line with the modern spirit, basic service management, and global public principles. So, in addition to the existing study’s service quality analysis and global common principles, a modern service management model with these three requirements was presented. As a conceptual model, this study is required to strengthen future embryological research to demonstrate that this management model can consistently achieve excellent business performance. Research is also required to expand this study and make it a model.

FULL TEXT PDF 1-8 ] DOI: 10.30566/ijo-bs/2021.special.15

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